Graduate student research grants
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많은 회원님들이 알고 계시리라 생각합니다. 또한 이미 수여자들도 꽤 저희들중에 있는 것으로 압니다.
혹 아직 접해보지 못한 회원님 또는 차세대 회원님을 위해 몇 가지 대학원생으로 지원가능한 research grant에 대한 정보를 올려놓습니다.

1. ACSM graduate research grant (

EAS Research Grants on Sports Nutrition Experimental and Applied Sciences provides support through the ACSM Foundation to fund graduate student research exploring the effect of dietary intake and/or supplementation on human physical and athletic performance. $10,000, up to $5,000 per grant, is available to fund graduate student research. Of particular interest is the role of sports nutrition to improve exercise performance and healthy living.

Doctoral Student Research Grants ACSM Foundation Research Grants for doctoral students up to $5000 for a one-year period. The awards are to be used for experimental subjects, supplies, and small equipment needs. Doctoral students enrolled in full-time programs are eligible to apply.

NASA Space Physiology Research Grants Through the generosity of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), $10,000 is available for research grants in the area of exercise, weightlessness, and musculoskeletal physiology. Doctoral students enrolled in full-time programs are eligible to apply. Grants can range up to $5, 000 and are available for a one-year period. Only U.S. residents are eligible to apply. Funds available after October 1, 2005.

2. American Heart Association fellowship (

Predoctoral Fellowship
To help students initiate careers in cardiovascular or stroke research by providing research assistance and training.
Offered by:  Florida/Puerto Rico, Greater Midwest, Heartland, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast,  Ohio Valley, Pacific Mountain, Pennsylvania/Delaware, Southeast, Western States

Postdoctoral Fellowship
To help a trainee initiate a career in cardiovascular research while obtaining significant research results.
Offered by: Florida/Puerto Rico, Greater Midwest, Heartland, Heritage, Mid-Atlantic,  Northeast, Ohio Valley, Pacific Mountain, Pennsylvania/Delaware,  Southeast, Texas, Western States

Fellow-to-Faculty Transition Award
To provide funding for trainees with outstanding potential for careers as physician-scientists in cardiovascular or stroke research during the crucial period of career development that spans the completion of research training through the early years of the first faculty/staff position. Offered by: National (Supported in part by Greater Midwest, Heartland, Northeast, Pacific Mountain and Southeast affiliates.)

Scientist Development Grant
To support highly promising beginning scientists in their progress toward independence by encouraging and adequately funding research projects that can bridge the gap between completion of research training and readiness for successful competition as an independent investigator.  
Offered by: Florida/Puerto Rico, Greater Midwest, Heritage, National, Northeast,

Beginning Grant-in-Aid
To promote the independent status of promising beginning scientists.  
Offered by: Heartland, Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley,  Pacific Mountain, Pennsylvania/Delaware,  Southeast, Texas, Western States

Established Investigator Award
To support mid-term investigators with unusual promise who have demonstrated a commitment to the cardiovascular or cerebrovascular science area as indicated by prior publication history and accomplishments. Offered in July only by National Center.

To encourage and adequately fund the most innovative and meritorious research projects from independent investigators.
Offered by: Florida/Puerto Rico, Greater Midwest, Heartland, Heritage, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Ohio-Valley, Pacific Mountain, Pennsylvania/Delaware, Southeast, Texas, Western States

3. 그외에도 non-profit foundation에서 수여하는 research grant들이 있습니다.
예를 들자면  AFAR(American Federation for Aging Research:에서는 대학원생과 post-doc을 위한 grant가 있었는데 현재는 discontinue 상태이며 junior faculty가 지원가능한 grant는 다음과 같습니다.

AFAR Research Grants
AFAR provides up to $60,000 for a one- to two-year award to junior faculty (M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s) to do research that will serve as the basis for longer term research efforts. AFAR-supported investigators study a broad range of biomedical and clinical topics including the causes of cellular senescence, the role of estrogen in the development of osteoporosis, the genetic factors associated with Alzheimer's disease, the effects of nutrition and exercise on the aging process, and much more. Since 1981, over 600 AFAR Research Grants have been awarded. Deadline for receipt of application is December 15, 2005.

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